How to use Ship Booster NFTs with WingSwap

2 min readApr 30, 2022

As mentioned in the previous blog, Ship Booster NFT is an APR booster that allows you to achieve higher APR% on your liquidity positions. Users can stake with ship booster NFT into farming pools to get more rewards from farming.

But, how can users own and utilize it? Don’t worry, details are below!!

To use Ship Booster, users can follow these steps:

STEP 1: First of all, you need to visit our website:

STEP 2: Click “NFT”, choose “NFT Store” then click on “SHIP BOOSTER NFT”. Now you can see all the Ship Booster NFTs are waiting for their owners

In case you don’t know what Ship Booster is, reach to

STEP 3: Choose the NFTs you desire to own #Discovery, #Luna or #Orion. Click “PURCHASE

STEP 4: After purchasing, Ship Booster NFTs will come to your “NFT GALLERY”. Click “SHIP BOOSTER NFT

STEP 5: AT “SHIP BOOSTER NFT”, choose the Ship Booster you want to stake along, and then your reward is boosted


  • Users can own unlimited quantities of Ship Booster NFTs
  • However, each NFT can just be applied for one Pool/Vault
  • Each type of Ship Booster NFTs will have different effects that be appropriate for your strategies
  • There are 1000 NFTs in each type

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