How WingSwap will change the NFT Status Quo

2 min readOct 8, 2021

When it comes to things like cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology, it’s a crazy world and NFTs have become part of it.

Despite NFT’s recent exponential growth, most still act merely as collectibles with no other tangible utility. Many collectors spend hundreds of thousands of dollars to purchase these NFTs only to have them sit idly in their wallets. That, however, is about to change with the launch of WingSwap.

We believe that NFTs can be much more than that. That’s why we have designed WingSwap to have real integrated NFT functionalities on Fantom from the first day connecting NFT with Defi to create a new, better and more useful yield farming model for users. Two main functionalities has been implemented into our NFTs and the team will keep creating better ones to our platform in the near future. We are ready to go the the moon with WingSquad.

Let’s discover the sky together!

There are different types of NFTs in the WingSwap collection and all this will be made available to the maximum benefit and financial gain of our users. The NFTs include:


WINGS NFT is the exclusive and highest valued NFT in Wingswap’s NFT collection. They will be available and sold in limited quantities.

The mechanism for selling each NFT is ‘’first come first serve’’ and there will be 3 prices.

Ship Booster NFT

Ship Booster NFTs allows you to achieve higher APR% on your liquidity positions and users can stake with ship booster NFT into farming pool to get more rewards from farming

Ship Booster NFT will be sold in multiple rounds, each round will be a collection with different themes and limited quantities.

Each NFT will have a WIS rewards limit that can be received (ex: 10,000 WIS). When the limit is exceeded, that NFT will be disabled.

WingSquad — the team overseeing the WingSwap ecosystem is committed to changing the narratives in the NFT niche of the blockchain industry through novel and innovative NFT ideas that will bring maximum yield to users. Why not jump on board now and become one of the flag bearers of innovation in this industry.

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