List Your Token on WingSwap for Free

Why Free Listing

WingSwap is making its presence known in Fantom ecosystem.

The way we see it, the WingSwap launch is the first step that the WingSwap team has laid ahead in the journey to become the go-to DEX on Fantom.

We’re flight-ready!

We came up with an idea that allows us to give back and grow our community, and connect to all crypto enthusiasts out there.

We’re proposing Free Token Listing and Farming. The sooner you apply, the better benefits you get. Applying token listing in the early stages will help projects get exposure to the WingSwap community as well as Working with us in the early stage is an opportunity for both parties.

How It Works

We welcome any blockchain project to apply for the listing on WingSwap. For the interests of our users, we have quite a vigorous review process. Our listing criteria include (but not limited to):

  • Project Type
  • Token Model
  • Community
  • Ecosystem

Application Form:

Our team will carefully consider the applications. Please understand that we will do our best to sort out your applications. Any further changes will be updated.



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