Ship Booster NFTs sale details

3 min readMay 5, 2022

WingSwap Ship Booster NFTs

Ship Booster NFTs is an APR booster for your liquidity positions. Users can stake with ship booster NFT into farming pool to get more rewards from farming.

When the Ship Booster NFT is staked along with the LP tokens, it provides a percentage boost on the rewards earned from that pool/vault.

There are 3 Ship Booster NFTs in this sale period which has distinguished effect and be appropriate for each strategy

  • Orion
  • Luna
  • Discovery

Check out our Ship Booster NFTs below

Ship Booster details

The QUANTITY and PRICE of Ship Booster NFTs are similar to each other

The maximum QUANTITY of each: 1000 NFTs → 3 Ship Booster NFTs = 3000

Ship Booster can only be purchased in WIS at the same price: 30000 WIS

The BOOST RATE and MAXIMUM ENERGY has a durable relationship that mentioned above


If you decide to purchase the #Discovery NFT, You will have 20% Boost rate and 100,000 WIS Maximum

Meanwhile, if you choose #Orion, you just have 60,000 WIS maximum, but the Boost rate is 50%.

→ By choosing #Orion, the maximum WIS users receive is less than choosing #Discovery, but users can claim WIS in shorter duration

How to buy Ship Booster NFTs?

STEP 1: First of all, you need to visit our website:

STEP 2: Click “NFT”, choose “NFT Store” then click on “SHIP BOOSTER NFT”. Now you can see all the Ship Booster NFTs are waiting for their owners

STEP 3: Choose the NFTs you desire to own #Discovery, #Luna or #Orion. Click “PURCHASE

STEP 4: After purchasing, Ship Booster NFTs will come to your “NFT GALLERY”. Click “SHIP BOOSTER NFT

STEP 5: AT “SHIP BOOSTER NFT”, choose the Ship Booster you want to stake along, and then let’s FARMINGGGG


  • Users can own unlimited quantities of Ship Booster NFTs
  • However, each NFT can just be applied for one Pool/Vault
  • Each type of Ship Booster NFTs will have different effects that be appropriate for your strategies
  • There are 1000 NFTs in each type


Each NFT will have a WIS rewards limit that can be received. When the limit is exceeded, that NFT will be disabled.

The additional rewards from NFT boosting will be calculated by multiplying the booster NFT’s percentage boost with the total rewards earned from staking in that pool, as shown in the formula below:

BoostedRewards = RewardsEarned * PercentageBoostFromNFT

The mechanism of selling each NFT is “first come first serve” with fixed price (30,000 WIS)


  • Assume that we buys a Ship Booster NFT, the Discovery, which gives a 20% boost on the rewards earned from farming on a stable coin-stable coin pool
  • While providing liquidity to the stable coin pool, he staked his LP tokens with the Discovery
  • After 5 days of farming, Max amassed based 1,000 WIS rewards
  • As Max staked his Discovery along with LP tokens, he will also receive additional 200 WIS rewards (20% boosted) from his Discovery. Max will have a total of 1,200 WIS rewards on claim.


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