Ship Booster NFTs sale details

WingSwap Ship Booster NFTs

  • Orion
  • Luna
  • Discovery

Ship Booster details

How to buy Ship Booster NFTs?

  • Users can own unlimited quantities of Ship Booster NFTs
  • However, each NFT can just be applied for one Pool/Vault
  • Each type of Ship Booster NFTs will have different effects that be appropriate for your strategies
  • There are 1000 NFTs in each type



  • Assume that we buys a Ship Booster NFT, the Discovery, which gives a 20% boost on the rewards earned from farming on a stable coin-stable coin pool
  • While providing liquidity to the stable coin pool, he staked his LP tokens with the Discovery
  • After 5 days of farming, Max amassed based 1,000 WIS rewards
  • As Max staked his Discovery along with LP tokens, he will also receive additional 200 WIS rewards (20% boosted) from his Discovery. Max will have a total of 1,200 WIS rewards on claim.




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