The importance of DEX Smart Trading

  • No KYC and identity disclosure required.
  • Full ownership of assets on personal wallet address
  • Access to potential tokens that have not been listed on major exchange

Lack of control

Lack of liquidity

Lack of professional utilities

DEX Smart Trading: Solution by WingSwap

  • By verifying tokens, Smart Trading will filter fake, scam, low-liquidity tokens or tokens with rug-pull ability to limit risks for users. Even so, users can still trade these tokens if they accept the warned risks.
  • Through a liquidity pooling mechanism, Smart Trading will split users’ trades to find the best swap opportunities, across all AMMs on Fantom. As such, WingSwap DEX Smart Trading users are not only trading on a single liquidity pool, but all of the liquidity on the Fantom blockchain.
  • Finally, bring the same trading experience as on CEX exchanges with Chart, Order book and custom order placement interface.

About WingSwap



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