Carefully read the Sale Details as followed:

1. Sale date

2. Sale Mechanism

  • Wings NFTs will be up for sale with FTM as payment. The lowest price points are for those who are in the gleam whitelist as well as stake whitelist.
  • The price per Wings NFT will be noted as X, Y, Z
  • Each price point will have equal amount of Wings NFTs for sale (33% of total), the middle price will have 34%.
  • After the batch from the first price point is sold out, it will automatically move up to the next price point. For example, Spirit NFT will have the price at 130 FTM, after 33% of them are sold out, you will have to buy Spirit at 180 FTM and finally 230 FTM. So it means that the faster you buy, the cheaper Wings NFT you get

3. Maximum buy:


Official Information to update



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