WingSwap has successfully completed and passed full DeFiYield audit with no critical vulnerabilities

2 min readNov 12, 2021


WingSwap is glad to announce that WingSwap has successfully completed and pass full the security assessment with no critical vulnerabilities.

Code Review and Auditing Process

The official security assessment was published in 10th November by DeFiYield security engineers.

This report represents the results of DeFiYield’s engagement with the source code of the WingSwap project as well as any contract dependencies.

Eleven smart contracts from the public Github repository of WingSwap have been audited for code security issues and vulnerabilities. The in-depth investigation of the smart contract in question included Manual Check, Automated Check and Issue Classification by Severity methodology.

The findings were identified and presented in the vulnerability summary, of which ranging from major to informational issues. Most of them has been resolved. The WingSwap team alleviated all findings highlighted by the DeFiYield Professional Services team, pointing towards a well-written contract by the team’s engineers.

About DeFiYield

DeFiYield is one of the leading smart contract auditing providers focused on checking security of DeFi projects and the world’s only crypto asset management dashboard featuring user protection against interactions with risky smart contracts.

Our first audits were conducted back in July 2020, shortly after the yield farming industry boomed, bringing impressive return opportunities for users. At the same time, scams happened every day and users were not protected against them in any way. No one performed yield-farming-focused audits at the time and a lot of projects were launching without even doing proper internal audits. This is why DeFiYield took the lead and has been developing and pushing security standards in the community since then.

About WingSwap

WingSwap is a decentralized exchange built on the Fantom Opera chain that allows platform members to provide liquidity and create a market for others to exchange their original tokens.

Apart from this, the platform is created with multiple unique features such an exchange, NFT marketplace where users can buy and trade NFTs. With this, WingSwap is set to change the narrative and redefine the DeFi industry.

We envision an ecosystem where fast, easy, and affordable decentralized finance products and services that meet the needs of users are delivered in a timely, responsible, and sustainable way.

Apart from this, we project a platform that will be the forerunner of all DeFi products and use cases in the nearest future and easily accessible assets with more use cases that will drive adoption, increase demand and value.




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