WingSwap NFTs Collection: The story of us

3 min readNov 23, 2021

An NFT that can be redeemed or used down the road will always have more value than an NFT without, assuming there’s a community around both — Zach Burks

As mentioned from the beginning, WingSwap wants to be the first DEX to integrate NFT on Fantom, connecting NFT with DeFi to create a new, better and more useful yield farming model for users.

Two main functionalities has been implemented into our NFTs and the team will keep creating better ones to our platform in the near future.

There are different types of NFTs in the WingSwap collection and all this will be made available to the maximum benefit and financial gain of our users.

The NFTs include: Wings NFT and Ship Booster NFT

What are WINGS NFTs?

Wings NFT usage

WINGS NFTs are the exclusive and highest valued NFT in WingSwap’s NFT collection. WINGS NFT will be sold within the X days in limited quantities.

Wings NFT holders will be able to participate in DAO Governance.

How to buy them ?

The mechanism for selling each NFT is ‘’first come first serve’’ and there will be 3 price levels. 50% of the initial supply will have an X price, 30% of the next supply will have a Y price, 20% of the final supply will have the Z.

X Y Z price will be decided by the WingSwap team (provided that X < Y < Z) to ensure that early arrivals will be able to purchase with lower price. The price will be sold in stable coins (USDC) or Fantom coins (FTM) and possibly WingSwap tokens (WIS).

What are Ship Booster NFTs?

Ship Booster NFT usage

Ship Booster NFTs allows you to achieve higher APR% on your liquidity positions. Users can stake with ship booster NFT into farming pool to get more rewards from farming.

When the Ship Booster NFT is staked along with the LP tokens, it provides a percentage boost on the rewards earned from that pool/vault.

25% of income from SHIP BOOSTER NFTs will be source of WingSwap buyback & burn

How to buy them ?

Ship Booster NFT will be sold in multiple rounds, each round will be a collection with different themes and limited quantities.

About Wing Swap

WingSwap is a decentralized exchange built on the Fantom Opera chain that allows platform members to provide liquidity and create a market for others to exchange their original tokens.

Apart from this, the platform is created with multiple unique features such an exchange, NFT marketplace where users can buy and trade NFTs. With this, WingSwap is set to change the narrative and redefine the DeFi industry.

We envision an ecosystem where fast, easy, and affordable decentralized finance products and services that meet the needs of users are delivered in a timely, responsible, and sustainable way.

Apart from this, we project a platform that will be the forerunner of all DeFi products and use cases in the nearest future and easily accessible assets with more use cases that will drive adoption, increase demand and value.