WingSwap: Our Vision

Becoming the go-to DEX on Fantom ecosystem

The goal of every DEX is to have a high trading volume so that it can generate massive platform revenue, which will ultimately result in high return to stakeholders — liquidity providers and WIS token believer — in order to be sustainable in the long run. And to do this, the project team will have to be dedicated and stick to the intended plan as follows:

  1. Increase WingSwap User Base
  • We’ll harness proven marketing efforts to spread the word about WingSwap and educate potential customers about our valuable use cases in various communities and forums.
  • We’ll work with yield aggregators to increase the trading volume on WingSwap. We also keep working with other top aggregators to boost WingSwap’s trading traffic.
  • Cooperation with other DeFi initiatives to expand our reach, collaboration, and reusability. Something new about our project will come to you soon. Please stay tuned for further information! We are already discussing several projects and will make an official announcement when the details are finalized.
  • Many DEX can provide LP earning possibilities, however not all LP earning options are equal. Given the same trading volume, the platform’s capital efficiency is the major differentiator for massive profit potential. We aim to give our liquidity providers the best capital efficiency.
  • We have many features planned for better user experience on our DEX — these features include, but are not limited to auto compounding and “zapping” in LP positions.
  • We will also continue to listen to customer input to improve our system and mode of operation. We appreciate all of the recommendations and encourage the community to keep giving us with feedback. To that end, we can proudly and confidently proclaim that WingSwap is a community product, developed by the community, and for the community!

Leading the NFT space 🌌

NFT is still in its infancy and we are not sure what it is going to look like in the near future. Consider this: who would have predicted that UniSwap’s constant product AMM would become the winning DEX model in 2017? As such, we’d like to focus on bridging the DeFi and NFT worlds. We will continue to create new NFT-related concepts, cementing our reputation as one of the pioneers of the NFT sector, as we have built our own ecosystem of Wings NFT and Ship Booster NFT.

  • We’ll develop WingShop, a marketplace where you may purchase and trade our Wings NFT, Booster, and any future NFTs. In addition to our exchange, this will provide a major second revenue stream for our platform, the value of which will be paid back to Wings token holders through deflationary mechanics.
  • We will continue to add more functionalities to existing and future NFTs and the functionalities will have synergy with our DEX.

Raising community standards

In addition to our strategies above, we will also place more emphasis on building up our token price. In addition to rewarding or bringing the best financial value to the project’s token holders, we will also give the believers in the project other special perks. By holding onto WIS, you have a say in the project direction and you can vote on topics such as token emission rate, protocol parameters, or even NFT designs because we want to create a community-based operating protocol. You will receive the equivalent amount of votes for each WIS staked in your Stake contract. Changes to the protocol can be decided using the votes.

Perfecting the whole ecosystem

WingSwap will work creatively and hard to develop and perfect its ecosystem, developing more projects on Launchpad, Bridge, NFT Marketplace, Gamefi, etc. These are the things that make us different and give us massive competitive advantage in the market.



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