WingSwap’s Pioneer Liquidity Providing Program

3 min readNov 21, 2021

WingSwap’s app:

It has become clear over the last year that decentralized exchanges (or DEXs) will continue to play a key role in the crypto ecosystem and its ongoing development.

In order to help promote the feasibility and development of WingSwap platform, we are implementing a pioneer liquidity mining program to incentivize the provision of liquidity to the the following pairs:

  • USDC - DAI
  • USDC - fUSDT
  • Updating…

This program will remain in place for each subsequent week with no specific scheduled end date, therefore rewarding long-term users who continuously provide liquidity as well as borrow from our lending pool each week.

From now, there will no longer be a specific amount of weekly rewards as our liquidity mining program will run constantly until the new announcement is made.

In addition, we also encourage users to experience the Swap feature of WingSwap. With low slippage and fast speed, users can access assets in the Fantom ecosystem extremely easily and smoothly.

How to add liquidity

To begin you will need an equal dollar value of token, in this example, they will be USDC and fUSDT, to contribute liquidity to the respective pools.

First, navigate to the WingSwap website and connect your wallet with the button top right.

Next, navigate to the Swap menu (top left) and choose Liquidity.

Select USDC as the first input, and fUSDT for the second input.

Click to approve the chosen ones

When approved, pop-up confirmation from MetaMask will show up. Click Confirm

Then click Supply

If it is your first time providing liquidity or using the token on WingSwap, you will first need to approve the token for use, involving a blockchain transaction.

You’ll then be asked to confirm the details of the liquidity provision and initiate a final blockchain transaction.

Once this transaction is confirmed, you will have successfully completed the process and will begin to earn your share of the trading fees the pool generates, as well as your share of the liquidity program rewards. This liquidity can be withdrawn at any point in time and is not locked.


  • We will cherish early users with greater rewards. In addition, those who interact a lot with the system will receive a decent reward

About WingSwap

WingSwap is a dedicated Decentralized Exchange (DEX) and a staking platform where users can provide liquidity to the DEX, trade different types of assets in a decentralized way and get rewarded for doing so. The platform is created without the flaws of existing approaches, enabling proper money markets to function, and creating a safe positive-yield approach to the liquidity provided by platform members.

WingSwap aims to provide a comprehensive decentralized financial service — DEX (Swap), Staking and Liquidity pool using WingSwap token (WIS), the native token of the ecosystem in a decentralized, safe, environmentally friendly way with low transaction fee.